ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator

The ZOLL AED Plus is an RFL favourite since it’s cost effective, easy to use, long 7 year warranty, gives Real-Time CPR Help, it’s portable & most importantly it’s ready to guide even the untrained through the survival process. 

The ZOLL AED Plus is clearly designed to make it easy for everyone from an untrained user through to those that are more experienced.

The CPR Help feature is an industry leading technology that measures CPR compression depth. Having the CPR Help feature means you can actually see when you are doing CPR well. You will hear prompts such as “PUSH HARDER”, the sound of a metronome to guide your compression speed and finally “GOOD COMPRESSIONS”

Have the peace of mind knowing that with the combination of clear, simple to understand audio and visual prompts it will help you rescue with confidence. 

The ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator is ideal for use in hotels, schools, restaurants, companies, clubs, shopping centres, sports clubs, aviation and shipping, doctor’s offices and hospitals. For the features of this device it is very well priced and we recommend strongly as a top contender for a workplace defibrillator. 

The ZOLL AED Plus device can be used for SCA victims from the age of 8 and above utilising standard Adult Pad Pak. For smaller children the ZOLL AED Plus has special Child/Paediatric Pads available.

Good quality CPR and prompt Defibrillation are a victims only chance of survival until emergency help arrives, and the ZOLL AED Plus is what will guide you through the entire process.  

Speak to Response For Life for more details on what is the best option for you; call 0421752152 or email info@responseforlife.org.au

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Do you know what a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is? 

  • An emergency life and death condition in which an ‘electrical malfunction’ stops the heart beating.
  • Signs of a SCA include; sudden collapse, non-responsiveness and no normal breathing.
  • A SCA victim will LOSE 10% chance of survival every MINUTE.
  • 30,000+ Australian lives are lost EACH YEAR to it.
  • All ages are at RISK! It does not discriminate.
  • Prompt, high quality CPR and Defibrillation offer the best chance of survival.
Response For Life Guarantee! Be Confident or We Will Pay!

If you are actively involved in our ‘CPR/AED Confidence Building Session’ and you still don’t know what to do in an emergency SCA situation, we will pay for you to do a Certified CPR Course. 

Julia and her husband John were very helpful in providing information and demonstrations of the unit to our Board of Directors and management team as well as club representatives.... I would have no hesitation in recommending Julia and Response For Life to be involved n the supply of AED devices to any new customers.

Glenn Armstrong

Macarthur Football Association

As the Founder of Heartbeat of Football I have nothing but praise for the way Julia Zuza (Response for Life) has engaged with the Australian sports Community and beyond in such a key space in our day to day existence.I have no hesitation in recommending Response for Life. Julia has been a great advocate in heart health awareness and HOF looks forward to strengthening our partnership even further in coming years.

Andy Pascalidis


I have been impressed and often humbled by Julia's dedication and energy in the area of preventing sudden cardiac death in sporting environments. From our discussions over the last 3 years and observation of her organisational and training skills I know she is dynamic , focused and professional.

Dr Shiva Roy

Cardiology Sutherland Hospital

I have been extremely impressed by their professionalism, dedication, and passion for serving the community. They provide a wonderful service to the community, in not only providing defibrillators, but also delivering high quality education and support.

Professor Chris Semsarian

Centenary Institute Research For Life

Get Equipped With A ZOLL AED Plus

Below is all the the information you need to know about the ZOLL AED Plus. The important thing is that you take action and are defibrillator equipped. Our emergency services are absolutely awesome, but they need our help especially when it comes to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Time is critical and bystander help is needed to save a victims life with good quality CPR and prompt Defibrillation until they arrive. As you see in the section above, every minute that goes by is 10% less chance of survival. 

What’s In the Box

Learn how to set up, install and inspect your ZOLL AED Plus automated external defibrillator


Learn how to use the ZOLL AED Plus automated external defibrillator in a rescue scenario.

Deliver a Shock

Learn how to deliver a shock with the ZOLL AED Plus and the differences between the Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic AED Plus units.

Performing CPR with Real CPR Help

After a shock has been delivered or when no shock is advised, you will be prompted to start CPR. Learn how to deliver high-quality CPR with ZOLL’s Real CPR Help® technology

Using the ZOLL AED Plus on Children & Infants

If you are treating a child patient under the age of 8, or under a weight of 25kg you must use the pediatric defibrillation electrodes labeled pedi-padz II

Changing Pads & Batteries

This video shows how to change the ZOLL AED Plus electrodes and batteries. Both the CPR-D-padz and the batteries used in the ZOLL AED Plus have a five year shelf life.