ZOLL AED 3 Run Through

Updated: 17 December 2022
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In this video Brendan from Response For Life running you through this ZOLL defibrillator, the ZOLL AED 3. This AED is essentially the big brother to the ZOLL AED Plus.

ZOLL AED 3 Run Through


How to turn the ZOLL AED 3 on?

Press the ‘ON/OFF Button’ once.

What does the ZOLL defibrillator sound like?

The defibrillator will give audio prompts to assist you. The prompts are clear and simple so that anyone can understand them. E.g. “CALL FOR HELP” meaning to call ‘000’ for an ambulance or ask a bystander to call for you whilst continuing the rescue.

When does it start analysing?

The ZOLL AED 3 essentially is continually monitoring the patient’s heart. This starts from the moment the defibrillator pads are attached.

“When the rescuer attaches defibrillation pads to a patient’s chest, the AED monitors and analyzes the electrocardiographic (ECG) rhythm of the patient’s heart to determine whether or not the ECG rhythm is shockable. If the AED detects a shockable rhythm, it either issues instructions to deliver the shock (semi-automatic) or automatically delivers the shock (fully automatic).” ZOLL Administrators Guide.

“The ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator then prompts the rescuer to perform CPR for a period of time (configured by the AED Administrator), after which the AED automatically initiates a new ECG analysis.” ZOLL Administrators Guide.

Where are the defibrillator pads located?

The CPR Uni-Padz are located on the back side of the defib in a packet. “OPEN PAD PACKAGE” prompt refers to opening the padz packet to remove the padz when required for use.

Where are the batteries located?

Battery pack is located on the back side of the defib, shown in the video above or in the illustration below.

Should the defib be stored with workplace first aid kits?

It is ideal that the defibrillator be stored in a central location to ensure the fastest access. However, it depends on the type of area and landscape of the workplace.
Generally workplace first aid stations are central and storing all safety and medical equipment together may be good practice.
The defib ideally should be located visibly with signage, easily accessable and location known to all. The organisation should communicate the AED placement to the staff, volunteers and community.

Does it come with basic life support flow chart signage?

The defib will always come with some form of basic life support flow chart signage. This may be the green Response For Life sign as shown here, or may be a variation of this such as a basic life support flow chart poster.

Buy defibrillator for home? Is this recommended for home?

Buy defibrillator for home is a great idea and is Response For Life’s vision of the future. “More than 70 percent of SCAs occur in the home, which is why home AEDs have the potential to save the lives of countless loved ones struck by cardiac arrest.” ZOLL Medical

Although this statistic above, the access to defibrillators is a major issue and that is why public areas are important to target first for communities. It is a larger cost for households to purchase an AED Australia than organisations, however as you can see in the statistic above buying a defibrillator for home can have major potential to provide a rescue.

What is the green tick? What does it mean?

The green tick (or green check) indicates that the AED has passed its last self test and is ready for use.

What does it mean if there is no green tick?

If there is no green tick (or green check) the ZOLL defibrillator has failed its self test and is not ready for use. This is referred to in the administrators guide as a blank window. Please make contact if there is no green tick so we can troubleshoot the problem and resolve this as soon as possible. For example a problem could be the AED battery may need changing.

How to know if the batteries need changing?

There are a few ways the ZOLL AED 3 communicates that the batteries need changing. They include either or all:

  1. Low battery icon on the screen (when AED is powered on).
  2. An audible beep from the AED once every minute.
  3. CHANGE BATTERY prompt (when AED is powered on).
  4. ‘Status Indicator Window’ is blank (no green tick) indicating failure to operate. Could be low or dead battery in this scenario.

How to know when to change the ZOLL AED 3 pads?

Check the expiry date as shown in the video above. The expiry is located in two places:

  1. on the back of the defibrillator pads packet and is indicated with a hourglass icon,
  2. in the lip of the pad packet where you would open them.

How to Read Pad Expiry: YEAR – MONTH – DAY

What does this defibrillator cost?

The recommended retail price for the ZOLL AED 3 is $2,995.00. We always recommend chatting to the team before purchasing as we guarantee either a better price or overall better package deal.

ZOLL AED 3 Run Through


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