33 000 Australians Are Lost To Sudden Cardiac Arrest Every Year

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An alarming number of Australian lives are being cut short by sudden death every day.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone at any time.

It can affect seemingly healthy athletes and even teenagers with no prior health conditions.

SCA contributes to an estimated 33,000 deaths in Australia each year. It is our goal to reduce the unnecessary and preventable loss of lives.

As there are very few symptoms, but too often no symptoms at all, the first sign that something is wrong may be sudden collapse, loss of consciousness, no breathing, loss of pulse and no sign of life…..an emergency situation within seconds.

High quality CPR coupled with DEFIBRILLATION is the only definitive treatment of SCA. CPR attempts to maintain circulation of blood and oxygen, while a defibrillator (AED) delivers an electrical pulse through the heart in an effort to restore the normal heart rhythm.

Prompt CPR and DEFIBRILLATION offers the victim the best chance of survival until emergency help arrives compared to the catastrophic effects of doing nothing at all. The challenge is for AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) to be available and applied within minutes of SCA.

Our Cause

Response For Life was created in memory of loved ones lost to sudden, and often unexplained, cardiac death. It is our hope that no family suffer such an unbearable loss.

Response For Life is a registered Charity committed to saving lives by providing defibrillators and raising awareness of SCA.

Your response could save lives.


Response For Life aims to raise awareness of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest), and in particular sudden cardiac death (SCD) in the young.

Seemingly healthy Australians are losing their lives, often with no explanation, leaving family, friends and entire communities devastated and questioning why.

Response For Life aims to raise awareness of prompt CPR and DEFIBRILLATION as the best treatment of SCA until emergency help arrives.

Response For Life is committed to providing defibrillators (AED’s) that are designed to be used by all.

With this life saving device readily available in all communities, the number of preventable deaths may be reduced.

Response For Life aims to promote the Australian Resuscitation Council’s basic life support.

The DRSABCD clearly supports the use of a defibrillator. Response For Life aims to create awareness of youth heart screening.

It should not be acceptable that people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly, early detection needs to be taken seriously.

Response For Life aims to generate support and sponsorship to create a greater sense of community and to successfully implement its core aim of saving lives.

Response For Life aims to hold fundraising activities to assist with achieving goals. Response For Life aims to launch its campaigns at a national level, as our cause is for the good of all Australians.

Our mission is to help prevent sudden cardiac death from taking the lives of our loved ones. Please consider how your response can make a difference for many lives.

After the loss of one of our valued club members to a heart attack two years ago, Gymea Rotary made Gymea United FC the beneficiary of its defibrillator fundraising drive. Through this donation I met Julia as the provider of the defibrillator and ongoing training. Julia and The Response For Life team have gone far beyond the normal requirements with additional training and support to our club as committee members change and the need for ongoing training is required.

Gary Wall

Gymea United

Julia and her husband John were very helpful in providing information and demonstrations of the unit to our Board of Directors and management team as well as club representatives.... I would have no hesitation in recommending Julia and Response For Life to be involved n the supply of AED devices to any new customers.

Glenn Armstrong

Macarthur Football Association

As the Founder of Heartbeat of Football I have nothing but praise for the way Julia Zuza (Response for Life) has engaged with the Australian sports Community and beyond in such a key space in our day to day existence.I have no hesitation in recommending Response for Life. Julia has been a great advocate in heart health awareness and HOF looks forward to strengthening our partnership even further in coming years.

Andy Pascalidis


I have been extremely impressed by their professionalism, dedication, and passion for serving the community. They provide a wonderful service to the community, in not only providing defibrillators, but also delivering high quality education and support.

Professor Chris Semsarian

Centenary Institute Research For Life

I have been impressed and often humbled by Julia's dedication and energy in the area of preventing sudden cardiac death in sporting environments. From our discussions over the last 3 years and observation of her organisational and training skills I know she is dynamic , focused and professional.

Dr Shiva Roy

Cardiology Sutherland Hospital

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6 days ago

Response For Life

Workplace hands on CPR & Defibrillator confidence training.
*Yes you heard some laughing in the background*
This is the way we work with companies to ensure that a whole workplace (not only the first aider) knows what to do in an emergency heart/cardiac arrest situation. This comes FREE with any defibrillator purchase through us.

Our aim is for the session to be informative and memorable with everyone walking away with key actionable information. We want people involved as we make an extremely serious topic simple, easy to understand, fun and interactive.

More details below:

The best value you will get from Response For Life is through our interactive CPR & Defibrillator Confidence Session. The purpose of this is a 30 - 45 minute session to give those who attend the following:

* The ability to recognise an Emergency (Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest)

* What to do in this emergency Sudden Cardiac Arrest situation and how quickly action needs to be taken.

* How to perform good quality CPR. Hands Only CPR included in this.

* How to use a Defibrillator.

* Handing over to emergency help once it arrives.

* Session is hands on for those who want to have a go.

The point of this is to raise awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest quickly and without any paper work that comes with formal training. Our goal with these sessions is to have everyone well informed and confident within the allocated timeframe.

Please note, this does not substitute for your formal/certified training requirements but is a fast, positive way to build confidence around Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We can also help with your formal certified training requirements.

Contact us now to arrange a CPR & Defibrillator Confidence Session and be like thousands who we have shared this knowledge with to save more Australian lives.
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