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Updated: 23 March 2020
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The Newly Paramedic Graduate Creating Lasting Impact

Spectacular Sophie Busin Article Outline:

  1. The Sophie Impact
  2. Sophie’s Background
  3. Response For Life Feedback
  4. Transforming Volunteering Time To Volunteering Value

The Sophie Impact

Spectacular Sophie Busin has been volunteering her time, expertise and strengths to help many communities become more skilled with AED Defibrillators & CPR.

Sophie is actively volunteering with Response For Life (RFL) at many events, including:

  • IMB Cook Community Classic (Scott Morrison Event)
  • Marc Arcuri Cup
  • 2 Bloody Good Artists – Art On Burraneer Event
The Sophie Impact

Sophie’s Background


Sophie is building a vast knowledge base within the medical field. She has graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical & Health Science (Distinction), Certificate III in Pathology Collection & Bachelors Degree in Paramedicine.


Alongside those credentials, Sophie is actively building her practical medical experience. This experience includes working with: London Ambulance Service, Logistics Support Officer/ Ambulance Make Ready Service, Pathology Collector for Douglass Hanly Moir & completing placements as a trainee Paramedic with NSW Ambulance. Sophie’s most recent success is a full time role with NSW Ambulance.

Volunteering Experience With Response For Life

Her volunteer work has been a personal and professional decision, as she assists the community through Response For Life by teaching people how to use AED’s, perform CPR & educating on sudden cardiac arrest.

Sophie’s Background

What Sophie Had To Say

“My involvement in Response For Life has allowed me to direct my attention towards specific health emergencies and ways I can assist in improving patient outcomes.”

Sophie Busin

What Julia Zuza The Founder Of Response For Life Had To Say

Response For Life Feedback

What Julia Zuza The Founder Of Response For Life Had To Say

 “Sophie is likable and has a strong ability to communicate effectively with community members. She is extremely passionate which has led to her becoming well trained. Her nature to see people do good and share her knowledge to impact people positively to make prepared future decisions highly valued. Through her striving to re-educate herself constantly she is a great teacher, clear instructor and approachable personality. Sophie would be a leader in any role she choses in the future.”

Julia Zuza

Volunteering Her Time To Create Extraordinary Value

Here’s How Valuable Sophie Really Is

As we have seen earlier this year a registered nurse had saved the life of Greg Page, we were shown a nurses common knowledge was applied to a real life and death scenario.

Just like that instance skills that have been learnt by Sophie through her experience may be common knowledge for herself but could one day have the impact to save a life just as that nurse did for Greg.

Sophie through her personal endevours and through RFL has been able to spread these skills to children, youth and adults, giving them the skills to save a sibling, parent, friend or family member.

Volunteering Time

There are times when volunteering is assisting people to purchase raffle tickets to support a cause and volunteering your time to help a cause is truly valuable. However two people can volunteer both the exact same amount of hours of their lives and get two completely different result. We have seen first hand how Sophie volunteering her time has created an impact more than just volunteering time.

What Volunteering Is Becoming

Thanks to truly dedicated and relentless people like Sophie Busin who are pursing a broad range of activities within their industry’s, both in their personal and professional lives. Volunteering is becoming based on what you have to offer, and what value you can bring. 

How Sophie Has Been A Part Of This Process

  1. Sophie is demonstrating this both within her career as now a qualified paramedic and also outside of her career as a volunteer for Response For Life, where she is adding value based on her strengths and expertise.
  2. Sophie’s expertise ranges between a range of activities in the medical field if you view her accomplishments. She is adding value by demonstrating how to perform effective CPR, use a Defib,  educate the communities, and giving them additional skills and knowledge that they can pass on.
  3. Sophie’s strengths are her passion to put herself out there, her fearlessness to present speeches in front of audiences, and her caring attitude to take the time to help people.


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