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Updated: 27 September 2019
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ZOLL AED 3 Virtual Rescue/ ZOLL Virtual Rescue Mobile Application – Response For Life information share

For more than 25 years ZOLL professional defibrillators and AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Everything ZOLL does is guided by one singular focus: to push the boundaries of resuscitation technology to save more lives. The ZOLL AED 3 Virtual Rescue Hero app allows you to witness a simulated cardiac arrest rescue in virtual reality. See how the power of ZOLL’s Real CPR Help® guides rescuers to achieve high-quality CPR.

You can experience the ZOLL AED 3 in action by watching a 360 degrees video. This experience is for VR mobile virtual readily headsets, like Google Cardboard. For the best experience, you should also use headphones for audio and music.

https://www.vr-lab.nl/portfolio/zolls-virtual-rescue/ image has been used from the developer’s webpage.

With the app, you can download one or more language versions of the 360 video to your smartphone for offline viewing.


  • Download the experience for the language of your choice
  • Once downloaded select the little play button
  • Follow the instructions to put on the headset and start the video

Note that you can download multiple language versions to your smartphone. When a newer version of a previously downloaded experience becomes available this will be indicated when you’re online and you can update the video.

This app and the corresponding Virtual Rescue 360 videos are for demonstration purposes only.

**This is a ZOLL Medical Application, Response For Life is sharing this positive information.

The VR Hero app has been designed for iPhone 6s and up.


This app has been optimized for Samsung S6 newer smartphones.


You can learn more about the ZOLL AED 3 by clicking the button below or by using this link 



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