How To Change Pads On ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator – Response For Life Tutorial

Julia from Response For Life shows us in the video below how to change the adult pads on the ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator.

How to know if your ZOLL AED Plus needs new Adult Pads:

The Pads should be changed if they have been used or they are near expiry date. The date of Adult Pads Expiry is shown on the yellow tab which is attached to the Pads and can be seen in 2 places.

  1. The front of the Defibrillator on a Yellow Tab, don’t worry if the yellow tab is not present or it has accidentally been removed as the, 
  2. Pad Expiry will always be found on the Front of the pad packet.

How to Read Pad Expiry:


What you need to replace your ZOLL AED Plus Adult Pads:

  • Your new Adult Pads.
  • Your Existing Defibrillator. 

To purchase new Adult Pads CLICK HERE or contact us.

Steps to Replace the Adult Pads on a ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator

Tutorial of how to change Adult Pads in the above video. If it is not working the LINK IS HERE.

Detailed step by step guide of how to change the Adult Pads below.

Step 1

Remove the Lid

Lift to open – Beneath the yellow tag push the lid up to come off. 

Step 2

Remove old pads.

Hold down the Defibrillator with one hand (where the pictures are) so that the Defib is stable, then with the other hand grab the lead and pull up. 

Step 3

Insert New Pads

  1. Pictures on the new pads face down (the pictures on the pads face the pictures on the Defib).
  2. Yellow tab which has the expiry date should now be facing towards the handle.
  3. Plug the lead into the port (can only fit one way).

Step 4

Place Lid Back On

  1. Put the back of the lid on first. 
  2. Tilt the other end of the lid up slightly and thread the yellow expiry tab through the top of the lid. 
  3. Make sure the pads are tucked under the lid and push the lid down for it to click into place. 

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