HeartSine Samaritan Replacement Child Pad & Battery (Pad-Pak-04)


Suitable for the following devices:

  • HeartSine Samaritan 350P
  • HeartSine Samaritan 360P
  • HeartSine Samaritan 500P

Key Points:

  • Child Pad & Battery Only (Pad-Pak-04) – Paediatric-Pak suitable for patients 1-8 years or up to 25kg. As per supplier guidelines.
  • Two parts, Pad and Battery. These come together as one component, meaning only one expiration date. This makes maintenance very simple with less dates to manage.
  • Reduces costs saving you money as there is only one component to purchase instead of two (pad and battery).
  • Last 4 years till expiry.
  • Easy replacement (4 steps to change the pad and battery without having to read the user manual attached below).
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HeartSine Samaritan Replacement Child Pad & Battery (Pad-Pak-04)

Compatible with the HeartSine Defibrillator AEDs: PAD350P, PAD360P, and PAD500P.

Unique battery and pad in one cartridge – 4 year life, single use.

The HeartSine Samaritan Replacement Child Pad & Battery (Pad-Pak-04) is for use on children from 1 - 8 years of age (under 25kg). Pads are placed on the front and back of the victim. Please note that while the Pad-Pak-04 is inserted, the feedback by blood flow through the heart is intentionally disabled due to the difference in a child’s physique.

When you will need to change Pad-Pak (pad and battery)

  • Pad-Pak (Pad and Battery) expiry date will be approaching or exceeded. Pad Expiry Indicated next to hourglass symbol on the back of the Defib. Date order is (YYYY/MM/DD).
  • The pads have been used (single use only).
  • If the status indicator (intermittent light) is flashing red or not flashing at all the pad & battery may require changing.