Probus Club of Kurranulla Presentation

Updated: 17 October 2017
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Recently Julia Zuza Founder of Response For Life was invited to speak to the members of the Probus Club of Kurranulla. Here is what they reported in their recent newsletter

Probus Club Presentation

“Julia Zuza from Response for Life a charitable organisation raising funds for the distribution of defibrillating devises for general use as emergency equipment at clubs schools and any public facility.

Assisted by Mr.Preston, her silent colleague, Julia presented an excellent and extremely informative explanation of how to deal with an emergency where a person appears to have suffered cardiac arrest.

She listed the order of assessing the situation, demonstrated the current CPR method, how to operate a defibrillating device and the need to use both procedures in tandem. Compressing hard and fast is the rule.

The mysteries clouding each were very clearly blown away which should give everyone confidence if confronted with such an emergency. Questions were answered simply. Fortunately Mr. Preston recovered and is ready to face another day.”

Thank you, Probus Club of Kurranulla.

If you would like an informative and fun presentation about emergency CPR procedures – please contact us today.


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