Workplace Failed! What You Need?

1. Defibrillator On Site
2. CPR Confident Staff Members
3. Recognise An Emergency

Do you know what a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is? 

  • An emergency life and death condition in which an ‘electrical malfunction’ stops the heart beating.
  • Signs of a SCA include; sudden collapse, non-responsiveness and no normal breathing.
  • A SCA victim will LOSE 10% chance of survival every MINUTE.
  • 30,000+ Australian lives are lost EACH YEAR to it.
  • All ages are at RISK! It does not discriminate.
  • Prompt, high quality CPR and Defibrillation offer the best chance of survival.


3 Crucial Points You Need to Know To Work In A HEART-SAFE Workplace

1. Time is Everything! Are you and your team confident to act quick?

Identifying there is an emergency situation quickly is essential to giving the victim the best possible chance of survival. DRSABCD is the best guide for this process, ask us and we will send you a copy.

2. Think Emergency Services can help Everyone? Think again!

Our emergency services are absolutely awesome, but they need our help especially when it comes to SCA. Time is critical and bystander help is needed to save a victims life with good quality CPR and prompt Defibrillation until the ambulance arrives.

3. Don't want to Break any Ribs with CPR? It's OK if you do!

Good quality CPR means you need to PUSH HARD & FAST. 100 – 120 compressions per minute and pushing down a third of a persons chest until emergency services arrives or the Defibrillator tells you to take your hands off. Performing CPR means oxygenated blood is circulating and keeping vital organs like the brain alive.
Ribs are there to protect and may break during CPR but it’s ok! Id forgive you if it meant you saved my life.

Be HEART-SAFE, Prepared & Confident Now! EASY! 
Our END OF FINANCIAL YEAR Limited Time Offer Will Help You. 

Your Workplace Peace of Mind Package for $2,099! This crazy offer ends 30 June 2019. ACT FAST! 

What’s Included:

  • HeartSine Samaritan 350P/360P Defibrillator (AED)
  • AED Wall Sign
  • AED Wall-Mount Bracket
  • CPR/AED Confidence Building Sessions 
  • Response Kit

(Recommended Retail Package Price is $2,608)

    Make Sure You Stay Workplace Compliant With A Current First Aid Kit & Certified First Aid/CPR Training!

    • Every company has an obligation under Safework, are you meeting yours?
    • Have you got a WHS Audit coming up? First Aid Kit & Training is something that has to be ticked off. 
    • Enquire about Certified Training; We understand it can be hard to find time so we make it easy, even coming out to YOU if thats preferable.  


    Response For Life Guarantee! Be Confident or We Will Pay!

    If you are actively involved in our ‘CPR/AED Confidence Building Session’ and you still don’t know what to do in an emergency SCA situation, we will pay for you to do a Certified CPR Course. 

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    What People Are Saying About Response For Life

    After the loss of one of our valued club members to a heart attack two years ago, Gymea Rotary made Gymea United FC the beneficiary of its defibrillator fundraising drive. Through this donation I met Julia as the provider of the defibrillator and ongoing training. Julia and The Response For Life team have gone far beyond the normal requirements with additional training and support to our club as committee members change and the need for ongoing training is required.

    Gary Wall

    Gymea United

    You can feel safe with us knowing we have completed CPR Training with Response For Life and have a defibrillator on site.

    Bellevue Hill Dental

    As the Founder of Heartbeat of Football I have nothing but praise for the way Julia Zuza (Response for Life) has engaged with the Australian sports Community and beyond in such a key space in our day to day existence.I have no hesitation in recommending Response for Life. Julia has been a great advocate in heart health awareness and HOF looks forward to strengthening our partnership even further in coming years.

    Andy Pascalidis


    I have been extremely impressed by their professionalism, dedication, and passion for serving the community. They provide a wonderful service to the community, in not only providing defibrillators, but also delivering high quality education and support.

    Professor Chris Semsarian

    Centenary Institute Research For Life

    I have been impressed and often humbled by Julia's dedication and energy in the area of preventing sudden cardiac death in sporting environments. From our discussions over the last 3 years and observation of her organisational and training skills I know she is dynamic , focused and professional.

    Dr Shiva Roy

    Cardiology Sutherland Hospital