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Rotary AED and no AED comparison

No AED On Site VS AED On-Site In An Emergency?

Video created by the Response For Life team to visually explain the impact of what an AED and trained users can make compared to unprepared people.

defibrillator leasing zoll defibrillease

How To Get An AED Without Spending Thousands Upfront

ZOLL Defibrillator Leasing (Defibrillease).

How You Can Lease An AED For Less Than Your Daily Cup Of Coffee, Whilst Saving Thousands Upfront (100% Tax Deductable).


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Cook Community Classic Raffle

Cook Community Classic Raffle

Cook Community Classic Raffle This is the event Response For Life do each year. This event is designed to help organisations like ourselves raise vital funds and awareness. The Raffle.... How is works, 100% of the ticket proceeds go to Response For Life to use the...

SBS News Feature

SBS News Feature

As featured On SBS News SBS News thank you for backing the incredible work everyone at The Marc Arcuri Cup are doing. We're so proud to be part of this humble cause.....Together we can save lives.

Probus Club Presentation

Probus Club Presentation

Recently Julia Zuza Founder of Response For Life was invited to speak to the members of the Probus Club of Kurranulla. Here is what they reported in their recent newsletter...... "Julia Zuza from Response for Life a charitable organisation raising funds for the...

Gala Charity Dinner – Friday 30th October 2015

Download The Invitation Here We’re raising funds to get more Defibrillators into our community. To help our organisation continue to provide these life saving devices, awareness and confidence in their use, we need support. Response For Life invites you to the 2015...