This page is here specifically to help test your knowlege on heart attack vs sudden cardiac arrest. The quiz created by ZOLL Medical is there to test you knowlege, if you need further information we have created a link for you to learn more. ‘Response For Life, leading local defibrillator organisation key summary of the ZOLL Quiz on 14/01/2020’

Do you know the difference between a Heart Attack & Sudden Cardiac Arrest?


Caused by a blocked artery
The person will be CONSCIOUS and BREATHING

CALL 000


Electrical problem of the heart
The person will be UNCONSCIOUS and NOT BREATHING

ZOLL Medical has shared a quick 8 question quiz to test if we know the difference between them. Try it out it’ll only take a minute. Click the Link below or the Image below to open the quiz. 

*This was made for Americans but still tests Australian’s recognition of the two the same*

If you need more information we have a 5 minute information page on cardiac arrest for you, so you can:

  • Being able to identify if someone is experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest or a Heart Attack
  • Be Confident in knowing what to do
  • Act Fast with more tools on how to save your friend’s life
  • Identify if your workplace is equipped with all the necesary equipment