Caravan Park Defib Subsidy

Updated: 1 July 2019
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The Federal Government in partnership with Caravan Industry Association of Australia, launched a Caravan Park Defibrillator Subsidy Program for Caravan Parks to encourage operators to install these devices to help save the lives of those people experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.  The funding of $1 million from the government will match dollar to dollar up to $1000 per unit (excluding GST) purchased by an operator.

Program Opened: July 1st, 2019

Applications Closing Date: June 30th 2021*
*Unless funding allocation is reached prior.

Caravan Park Defib Subsidy

How To Apply For The Caravan Park Defib Subsidy

1. Purchase A Defib

Purchase your preferred defibrillator which is approved on the Register of Therapeutics Goods List.


2. Keep Your Receipt

Ensure you have a copy of the receipt with all relevant business details.


3. Submit Online Application

Complete and submit an online application form agreeing to all terms, ensuring that you have attached the invoice.

4. Payment To Your Bank Account

Once approved, payment of the subsidy will be made by Caravan Industry Association of Australia within 30 days to your nominated bank account.

Why Do Caravan Parks Need A Defibrillator?


Potential Risk, Potential To Improve

Around the country each year, over 11 million Australians undertake a caravan and camping trip, with over 90% of these trips occurring in regional Australia. According to the Heart Foundation, over 40% of these people are considered a significant risk of a heart attack as they are aged over 55 years, have a low income and are located in regional Australia. This is in addition to the potential for incidents to occur with children around pools and roads.

How A Defibrillator Would Help

Research shows that if a person is defibrillated within the first minute of collapse, the victim’s chances for survival are close to 90 percent. For every minute that defibrillation is delayed, survival decreases by 7 percent to 10 percent. In regional centres of Australia, average call out time for an ambulance varies between 15 to 30 minutes.

The Important Role Of Caravan Parks

In regional Australia, the caravan park is often centre to the community and one of the few businesses that is accessible 24h a day 7 days a week in the event of required access to a defibrillator. Although there has been an increased supply of defibs into sporting clubs, these venues are only accessible when sports are being played. As such, Caravan Parks can play an important role in supporting a local community’s health service.

Across the country there are 1300 caravan parks with 40 sites/cabins or more which represents a footprint to provide a regional network of defibrillators for both community members, park residents and visitors travelling through.

Who Is Eligible For Caravan Park Defib Subsidy?
Do I Qualify?


Any commercial caravan park or accommodation provider that has caravan and camping style accommodation is eligible to apply for the subsidy.  However, operators applying for the subsidy must adhere to several requirements as stipulated by the government:


  • Caravan Parks with 40 sites or more, may access the subsidy for the purchase of up to two defibrillator units.
  • Caravan Parks with less than 40 caravan park style sites may access the grant for the purchase of up to one defibrillator unit.
  • Operators claiming the subsidy for an defibrillator must agree to the following terms on application:
    • If requested, be able to demonstrate that their responsible staff have been or will be trained to use an defibrillator;
    • Accept all responsibility for all liabilities in relation to the defibrillator, including their placement, security, upkeep and maintenance;
    • Agree to fully indemnify the Commonwealth Government and Caravan Industry Association of Australia in relation to the subsidised defibrillators;
    • Agree to the safe disposal of an expired defibrillator.
  • A purchase receipt for the invoice must be provided.
  • The defibrillator purchased must be on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods List – your supplier ‘Response For Life‘ can provide guidance regarding this. Caravan Industry Association of Australia is not able to provide guidance regarding suitable AED devices to purchase.


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